what is a well group?

Well Groups are designed for anyone looking to grow in their faith. Whether you're taking a first step, or a next step - a Well Group is perfect for you.

So, how do Well Groups work?

Well Groups are weekly gatherings (either online or in person) for those looking to deepen their faith. For the season ahead of us, everyone in a Well Group will be participating in the same church-wide study through John's Gospel. Our hope is that by collectively studying the same passages, we can achieve our three goals of: cultivating community, stirring curiosity, and deepening our connection to Jesus.

Whether you're brand new to faith, or a seasoned follower of Jesus, or somewhere in between - there is a Well Group just for you. If you're ready to take a leap, use our group finder below to find the Well Group that works best for you.

Small group sign up

Below is a list of all open Well Groups. Some gather in person, while others gather online. Regardless of the group you choose, there should be one perfect for you! If not -- shoot Pastor Danny an e-mail and we can get that group started too! 

Download the entire summer well group guide below